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White Collar Crimes

Los Angeles White Collar Crimes Lawyer

The Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at Sherman & Sherman have successfully defended clients who have been charged with committing mail fraud or wire fraud for decades. We have over 60 years of combined experience in defending mail fraud and wire fraud allegations.

Mail, and wire fraud (and other forms of communication covered by the FCC) are fraudulent schemes to intentionally solicit/scam and deprive a person or entity (business) of property or “honest services” (bribing public officials) by using email, traditional mail or wire communications. Under the mail and wire fraud statutes, if an individual uses the U.S. mail, telephone, Internet or a fax machine in committing a crime, the crime can  be prosecuted as a federal level crime. Mail and wire fraud are not new to the court system to the contrary and have been in effect as law since 1872.

Familiar forms of crime in which the use of wire and/or phone may also be referred to as:

  • Telemarketing Fraud
  • Extortion
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Cellular Phone Fraud
  • Blackmail

Depending upon the loss incurred by the victims and amount of victims or business, the penalties range greatly.

The United States Attorney’s Office uses the statute of mail fraud and wire fraud to obtain indictments in federal courts for crimes of theft and fraud utilizing communications devices as the primary tool. These federal statutes enable federal prosecutors to charge individuals with federal crimes that are covered under FCC regulations. However, unlike federal drug crimes, mail, wire and other FCC regulated crimes, do not carry mandatory sentences. Moreover, some of these crimes, depending on the severity, can carry penalties of up to 30 years of prison time and harsh monetary fines.

Crimes such as theft, embezzlement, and receipt of stolen property can be prosecuted under the wire fraud and mail fraud statutes in Federal Court.

If you have been charged with mail fraud or wire fraud, you need a criminal defense lawyer who will have the experience to obtain the best outcome for you.  You need to call Sherman & Sherman today.